Paracid-X (90 Caps)


You cannot enjoy the health benefits of a balanced gut without the removal of destructive organisms. Paracid-X uses nature’s finest anti-microbials to help expel them from your intestinal tract.

  • Experience broad-spectrum, plant-based defense against intestinal invaders
  • Supplement with potent compounds known to interfere with harmful digestive microbes, while protecting good bacteria and tissues
  • Clean up your digestive tract and restore vitality, by reducing inflammation, malabsorption, and infectious microbes

Sweet Wormwood, Artemisinin, Olive Leaf Extract (20% Oleuropein), Black Walnut Hulls, Berberine, More references are available upon request

Suggested Use

Feedback from health professionals over 20+ years indicates that this is a well-tolerated botanical blend, with many users experiencing relief (and eradication of the offending microbes) within 2-3 months of consuming 3 to 12 capsules a day. It is best to titrate; start with 2-3 capsules 1-2 times a day, initially, to get a sense of how much to take. Some will notice the “die-off” effect and take a smaller number of capsules than others, who may tolerate the effects better, due to stronger detoxification ability.

To improve the outcome of this therapy, consider combining the supplementation with a clean anti-inflammatory diet. The plant-derived compounds are strong, but they work even better when not competing for space with junk foods, dairy, gluten, and similar burdensome foods. Lifestyle factors are an integral part of any program intended to optimize health, and should be part of the process in order to achieve maximum results.

After doing a therapy with Paracid-X, it is recommended to follow-up with these complementary formulas:

  • Support Biotic – Probiotics to restore beneficial flora to the digestive tract
  • Candid-X – In many cases, yeast overgrowth follows a parasite infection. This formula helps to get rid of Candida
  • Support Mucosa – A powerful blend of herbs and amino acids for repair of the intestinal barrier
Allergen Information

Contains: No Allergens
Formulated to be free of: Gluten, corn, yeast, artificial colors and flavors.

What’s Eating You?

When your intestinal tract is home to invasive organisms, it is impossible to feel your best. These bugs are living off the nutrients you ingest, inflaming the barrier of your intestinal wall, and pushing your stress hormones to exhaustion. Unpleasant symptoms (such as nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and general weakness) are just the beginning of what these damaging microbes can do to your health. Let’s help you get rid of them.

Prescription Drugs or Natural Therapies?

There is no doubt that drug development has contributed to profound healing opportunities, and antibiotics are a conventional approach to treating parasites – though their long-lasting side effects on healthy bacteria and tissues are also well-known.

Since long before drugs were commonplace, the Earth has yielded plants with properties capable of preventing and removing intestinal parasites. For centuries and across cultures, plants have been the staples of gastrointestinal therapies. Paracid-X contains several of these ancient but now double-blind study validated ingredients.

The Paracid-X Advantage

Unlike competing supplements that can irritate already inflamed tissues, Paracid-X helps to eliminate bad bugs while minimizing inflammatory damage. The 5 ingredients come together to create a hostile environment for harmful microbes, without harsh side effects. They also aim to protect the beneficial, friendly organisms that have been under assault.

The Formula: Purpose

  • Sweet Wormwood/Artemisinin – Whole wormwood (containing artemisinin) combined with whole artemisinin to hit the target with broad-spectrum effects
  • Olive Leaf Extract – To decrease inflammatory molecules, suppress harmful microbes, and support innate immunity against toxic microbes
  • Black Walnut Hulls – Possessing activities which inflict permanent damage on nasty microbes, while also promoting toxin elimination
  • Berberine – Not only targets the bad bugs, but it also has properties which make it effective in increasing short-chain fatty

Science-Based Ingredients

Paracid-X contains botanical extracts that have stood the test of time – and the rigorous investigation of researchers:

  • Sweet Wormwood – Sweet wormwood has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years as a natural ailment for hemorrhoids and parasite infections. Scientists now know that sweet wormwood is rich in artemisinin, a compound that possesses potent parasite-neutralizing antioxidant capabilities [1]. The name wormwood stems from its traditional use to eliminate worms (helminths) from the body.
  • Artemisinin – This antioxidant is derived from wormwood. Artemisinin has been shown to exhibit potent antioxidant capabilities that can significantly neutralize invaders that cause infections [2]. Artemisinin also targets several major inflammatory pathways to modulate inflammation [3].
  • Olive Leaf Extract (20% Oleuropein) – Researchers have found that olive leaf extracts can significantly inhibit the growth of protozoa [4]. This effect is likely due to the antioxidant, oleuropein, which helps to neutralize pathogens [5]. In infected states, olive leaf extract has been shown to increase levels of beneficial inflammatory molecules, while also decreasing damage-related inflammatory molecules [6].
  • Black Walnut Hulls – Black walnut hulls have been used in traditional medicine as a natural remedy for intestinal diseases. Native Americans also used black walnut hulls to eliminate parasites and as a natural laxative. The hull is rich in a compound called juglone which supports a healthy gut microbiome and inflammation control [7]. The hull also contains potent antioxidants, called tannins, which target immune defense towards pathogens and modulates the immune response [8]. The fiber-rich hulls may exert a natural laxative effect that helps to flush out mobilized pathogens and toxins [9].
  • Berberine – Native to the Northern Himalayas, berberine has been used in Ayurvedic medicine elixirs for centuries to support immunity, balance the inflammatory response, and aid in toxin elimination. This potent alkaloid has been shown to support healthy levels of inflammation and colon recovery [10]. Berberine accomplishes this by switching off undesirable inflammatory signals in immune cells (called macrophages) and by interfering with pathogen-induced gut barrier damage.
  • More references are available upon request.


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In order to deliver these nutrients to create benefits, there must be efficient absorption into the cells.


Our formulas contain ingredients and co-factors which support the ability of nutrients to do work quickly.


We use botanically sourced ingredients whenever possible, to provide your body with nature’s simplicity and efficacy.